Job Vacancy: NURSE III (NURS3-11-2016; NURS3-13-2016; NURS3-14-2016)

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NOTICE: ON-LINE APPLICATIONS NOT ACCEPTED. Please proceed to Human Resource Department, RITM for submission of required documents and CV (CV form downloadable at RITM Website – Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for the over-all nursing care of patients in her area of responsibility. 1. Management of Patient Care. a. Planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care with staff nurses and head nurses; suggests improvement of care as needed. b. Assists nurses in the identification of patients need and problems; recommends probable solutions. c. Checks documentation of nurses in patients charts. d. Teaches patients and their families regarding health care and other related matters. e. Determines needs of the nursing units for supplies equipments and personnel in collaboration with respective head nurses. f. Assist the Chief Nurse in the implementation of research project of the department. g. Assists projects leaders in seeing to it that research protocols involving in patients and our-patients of the Institute. h. Assists in the maintenance of safe and clean hospital environment for patients. I. Coordinates with other departments/hospitals in matters concerning patients care. 2. Teaching and Supervision a. Assists Chief Nurse in the planning and implementation of a continuing in-service education program for all personnel of the department. b. Assist Chief Nurse in planning assignments of nurses, aides and orderlies. c. Take note of attendance and punctuality of nursing personnel. d. Collaborates with Chief Nurse, and other supervisors in the performance evaluation of personnel. e. Supervises personnel; gives incidental instructions as needed. f. Participates in planning and implementation of clinical conferences. g. Does other related work.

  • Work Experience: 1 year/s
  • Salary: ₱32,747 - ₱32,747
  • Women
  • Differently Abled/PWD
  • Displaced Workers(Local)
  • Balikbayans/OFW Returnees

Minimum Qualification Standards (per Civil Service Commission Quality Standards Manual);
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
Experience: One (1) year of relevant experience.
Training: Four (4) hours of relevant training.
Eligibility: R.A. 1080

Additional Qualifications Preferred: (End-User’s Preference);
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing with at least 24 units to MAN.
Experience: One (1) year of relevant experience in Senior Nurse position.
Training: Forty (40) hours of relevant training; IV Therapist .
Eligibility: R.A. 1080.

Note: All qualified next-in-rank shall be automatically candidate/s for promotion. However, a Letter of Intent together with the following documents shall be submitted to Selection and Promotion Board (SPB) Chairperson through Human Resource Department. Failure to do so will automatically waive the right to be included as candidate/s.

A.Submit in A4 Size Folder and Paper and separate listed items by numbered tabs as listed below:
1. Letter of Application with position applied for (please indicate Item Code No.)
2. Curriculum Vitae (updated). Downloadable thru RITM website and available at H.R. Department
3. Diploma
4. Transcript of Records
5. Board Rating and PRC Certificate/Civil Service Eligibility
6. Certificates of Employment (recent and previous employers) - For external applicants
7. At least three (3) references with contact details
8.Certificate of Trainings/ Seminars/ Workshops attended (from most recent)
9. Awards received – with proof/evidence
10. Chairmanships and/or Membership/s in committee – with proof/evidence
a. Institutional Review Board (IRB);
b. Therapeutics Committee;
c. Research and Innovation Office (RIO);
d. Selection and Promotions Board (SPB);
e. Surveillance Unit;
f. Communications and Engagement Office (CEO);
g. Gender and Development (GAD);
h. Bids and Awards Committee (BAC);
I. The working group of DOH, NGO, serving as Technical Advisers
j. Course coordinators and faculty of WHO Regional Training Center;
k. Biosafety Committee;
l.PRAISE (Program on Awards, Incentive, and Service Excellence) Committee;
m. Inspection and Acceptance Committee;
n. Grievance Committee;
o. Patients Assistance and Complaints Units (PACU);
p. Training and Technology Transfer (TTRC);
q. Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC);
r. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC);
s. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committees i.e. CQI, IQA, Process; and
t. Others
11. Research involvement – certificate of involvement or equivalent;
12. Publication – copy of publication;
13. Trainor – certificate as Trainor;
14. PES for two (2) rating periods (with Very Satisfactory Rating) for Permanent and/or Job Contract Personnel (duly evaluated and signed by the Project Head or immediate supervisor)
15. Letter of recommendation from Project Head or immediate Supervisor (for RITM Job Contract personnel)
16. Valid NBI Clearance (For external applicants); and.
17. Must take English Proficiency Test to be administered by Human Resource Department (for Second Level positions only) .

B.For the cover, put your name, position being applied for and item code on the upper half portion of A4 size paper using ARIAL BOLD (font size 14) ; and
C.Put correspondingly on fastener/binder on LEFT long edge side of paper submitted.

Second Level