Job Vacancy: VIDEO EDITOR (2)

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* Graduate of any course or any vocational course

* With at least 6 months relevant experience in the same field

* Knowledgeable using Sony Vegas, Corel, Premiere, Cyberlink and etc.

* Loves researching video clips, cropping, creative in designing, and fond of creating videos specially for educational purpose

* Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

  • Work Experience: 1 year/s
  • Salary: ₱9,500 - ₱12,000
  • Women
  • Highschool Graduates
  • Displaced Workers(Local)
  • Balikbayans/OFW Returnees

  • Knowlegeable in using Sony Vegas, Premiere, Cyberlink and the likes.
  • Loves to do researching online to create unique and exclusive video clips for iBook content.
  • Knowledgeable in using DSLR or updated type of camera for documentation and video presentation.
  • Hardworking, willing to extend hours just to finish assigned task, jolly and can handle pressure

1 day process only.

Video Editor are those who works behind the content of the book. They will vary the videos with different subjects assigned to them.