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Job Vacancy: Senior Test Engineer

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Core Function: 

- Expert in all functional test phases and activities. Control product quality by ensuring all key resources provide quality test results.


1. Lead large projects:

- Handle max of 3 projects as a project test lead and monitors all his subordinates' projects

- Lead QA effort estimation, requirement analysis, and test planning

- Request and follow up necessary environment/mall configuration from stakeholders

- Track requirement changes, and strategize when they affect timeline and quality

- Organize all test documents and project tickets for better tracking and auditing

- Ensure all pre-testing and testing activities are accomplished per deployment

- Perform quality checkpoint by ensuring sanity/smoke testing passed both in - QA and Production Server before accepting the build from developers

- Conduct usability testing

- Manage and delegate retesting, regression, and integration activities

- If automation is implemented, run the automation suite

- Create bug or improvement JIRA tickets when an anomaly is found in the product

- Manage the overall distribution process including sending of release notice and maintaining Distribution and Version dashboards

2. Monitor and Lead subordinates' projects:

- Review QA effort estimation, test plan, high-level test scenarios, and data mapping

- Conduct exploratory testing

- Monitoring and controlling process and project compliance to quality and timeline

- Setup, plan, and track automation activities and progress

3. Admin tasks:

- Delegates and monitors projects of experienced testers

- Evaluates the performance of experienced testers

- Provides training to his subordinates and to the new hires

  • Work Experience: 6 year/s
  • Salary: ₱25,000 - ₱60,000
  • Women

Graduate of Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Quality Management, Computer Science, or such.

- 6-9 years of experience in software testing

- At least 1 year of experience in automation scripting and testing preferably using Katalon Studio, Selenium Webdriver, or Selenium IDE

- In-depth experiences in analyzing multi-domain and complex requirements

- Thorough Understanding & Mapping of Business Situations

- Requirement tracing skills

- Expert judgment of quality and high coverage test scenarios and test cases

- Ability to collaborate with the production team comprising of PM, Developers, Designers, technical team, stakeholders, and co-QAs

- Ability to impart testing and automation issues and best practices

- Hands-on experience in Software testing life cycle

- Relevant experience in handling and managing multiple projects

- Expert in API, Usability, Sanity/Smoke, Negative, Regression, Integration, - Exploratory and Security Testing

- Rationality in pressing and crucial situations affecting the timeline, quality, process, and people

- Expert in Planning and Documentation

- Adapt to the latest testing tools and technologies

- Awareness of Latest Web and Mobile Technology Trends

- Constant Learning Process

- Assertiveness to train people and share best practices

- Ability to promote synergy and trust

- Has the end-user perspective

- Manage at least 3 experienced testers

- Delegation skills


- Katalon Studio or any tool that uses Selenium Webdriver

- Selenium IDE

- Burp Suite

Can work communicate and work well with a team.