Comglasco Aguila Glass Corp.

Job Vacancy: General Manager

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  • Formulates the strategies to carry out the corporate directions of the President and Excom
  • Coordinates and monitors the various department heads to ensure the implementation of the strategies and job functions
  • Identifies opportunities in the market and technological developments to enhance the Company's products and businesses
  • Establishes the business plan and budget and reviews the Company's performance versus budget
  • Establishes good relationship with government agencies, regulatory bodies, banks/creditors, clients to preserve the Company's image and reputation
  • Monitors and manages all aspects of the Company's operations

  • Work Experience: 7 year/s
  • Salary: ₱100,000 - ₱120,000
  • Women

  • Strategic Planning Skills
  • Financial Planning Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Skills

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A general manager or GM is someone in charge of managing a business or a certain area of a company. A GM makes sure a business works efficiently and is generating as much profit as possible.