Job Vacancy: CASHIER

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*To assist customers in the in-store check-out process. *Responsible for counting the contents of cash register drawer at the end of each shift, maintaining receipts, records and withdrawals. *Scan goods and collect payments. *Greet customers when entering or leaving establishment and keep reports of transactions.

  • Work Experience: 1 month/s
  • Salary: ₱8,411 - ₱8,411
  • Women

Basic Math. Interpersonal Communication/Written and Verbal Communication. Time Management. Product Knowledge. Telephone Etiquette. Customer Service. Dispute resolution. Dependability.

Strong belief in company loyalty, professional integrity and support, and a superior work ethic. Excellent problem solving and decision making skills. Strong leadership and a positive attitude that motivates others to higher levels of performance. Excellent follow-up and follow-through skills that ensures positive outcomes. Readiness to accept change and embrace new ideas that illustrates flexibility.

Cashiers are responsible for receiving, disbursing, and maintaining custody of cash or monetary substitutes for any of a variety of reasons (payment of fees, cashing of checks, sale of tickets or merchandise, etc.). They usually operate various types of equipment (such as calculators, terminals, cash registers, or also maintain records of the transactions of accounts. Higher-level cashiers have varying degrees of responsibility for cashiering operations.