Job Vacancy: Farm Caretaker

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Your duties may include:

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->handling, loading, unloading and transporting pigs

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->feeding and monitoring the health and welfare of pigs

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->carrying out and following  feeding programs,

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->assisting with breeding, insemination, and birthing procedures

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->cleaning out production sheds

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->applying chemicals according to a pest and disease control plan

Job Requirements:

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->Must be a graduate of BS in Agriculture major in Animal Science

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->Must be willing to work outdoors

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->Must be able to handle and work with animals

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->Must be physically fit

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->Must  be able to work independently and as part of a team

< !--[if !supportLists]-->?          <!--[endif]-->Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply

  • Work Experience: 1 year/s and 1 month/s
  • Salary: ₱8,000 - ₱10,000
  • Women