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Job Vacancy: English Writing Tutor (Full-Time, Office-based, Semi-flexi, Alabang)

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As a Writing Consultant, you will review and comment on essays of high school and college students from Canada, Australia, and the U.S.A. In essence, you will teach and guide students towards appropriate writing revisions, covering both lower order concerns (e.g. grammar and mechanics, sentence structure, word choice, etc.) and higher order concers (e.g. intorduction, conclusion, thesis statement, organization, and content development). The point is you will not be simply correcting or editing the student's work, but you will be teaching students how to write effective papers by doing the following:

Identify issues or errors in the student's written work

Explain why the issues or errors should be addressed

Provide clear written instructions, guide questions, and/or examples/models that will help the student address the issues or errors in his/her written work.

Our Writing Consultants enjoy the following compensation, benefits, and perks:

  • Ability to manage their paycheck or control earnings, starting from Php 16,200 to Php 30,000++ per month
  • Enjoy a regular performance-based incentives
  • Work on a semi-flexible schedule, giving employees the ability to leave the office after completing scheduled tasks

  • Salary: ₱16,200 - ₱30,000
  • Women
  • Senior Citizens
  • Differently Abled/PWD
  • Displaced Workers(Local)
  • Balikbayans/OFW Returnees

  • Graduate of any 4-year degree/course

  • Excellent command of the English language, specifically in written communication

  • Strong critical thinking skills

  • Ability to adapt to change, commitment to work, self-motivation, openness towards feedback, and strong work ethics

  • Proficient in using the computer, online research, and other relevant applications