Manila Water Company, Inc.

Job Vacancy: Financial Auditor

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  • Review the reliability and integrity  of the financial reporting process and operating information and the business process used to identify, measure, classify and report such information
  • Express an opinion on the adequacy of the internal control structure and its ability to support the goals and objectives of the function/area under review
  • Ensures Management compliance with Rate Rebasing commitment
  • Conducts audit in adherence to the Institute of Internal Auditor’s mandatory guidance including the Definition of Internal Auditing, the Code of Ethics, and the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards).
  • Plans/performs Financial audit to determine whether controls over financial and operating data provide reasonable assurance that the financial and operating data is accurate and reliable. Lapses in controls may result to unreliable financial report and may affect the integrity of the financial report.
  • Develops and document s Audit plan for each engagement to determine engagement’s objectives, scope, timing and resource allocations.
  • Conducts assessment of the risks relevant to the activity under review. Evaluates risk and control environment of assigned functions/areas for review. Lapses on internal controls  may result to unauthorized access to sensitive  and confidential information, loss of assets and  inaccuracy of data.
  • Develops and prepares audit work programs  which include procedures for identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and documenting information during the audit engagement.
  • Conducts entrance conference with the line management and Group Director to discuss the audit objectives, scope, timing and resources needed. Conducts interview, gathers data, performs testing, prepares work papers.
  • Evaluates and determines whether controls over assets provide reasonable assurance that assets exist and are protected against loss. Audit area includes activities associated with asset acquisition, recording, storage, use and disposal. Lapses in control may result to loss of  assets.
  • Reviews the adequacy and existence of company policies and procedures. Determines whether policies, procedures, plans, laws and regulations are properly complied with.
  • Prepares draft audit report  to discuss  audit findings  and recommendations. Provides the line management and Group Director concerned copy, of the report for their comments and response. Auditors need to ensure that Management provides feedback on the audit findings and proposed recommendations.
  • Conducts exit conference to discuss/verify the audit results to Line management and Group Director concerned  to solicit comments on the implementation of accepted audit recommendations, before preparation of the Final Audit Report.
  • Presents the audit observations and recommendations and Management comments to the Chief Finance Officer or President if necessary.
  • Express an opinion on the adequacy of the internal control structure and its ability to support the goals and objectives of the function/area under review.
  • Provides/submits Final Audit Report to the appropriate Senior Manager and Group Director of the area being audited, Chief Finance Officer and the Audit and Governance Committee.
  • Conducts periodic follow- audit on the status of the implementation of the agreed audit recommendations.

  • Work Experience: 5 year/s
  • Salary: ₱0 - ₱0
  • Women

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , Post Graduate Diploma / Master's Degree, Professional License (Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam), Post Graduate Diploma / Master's Degree, Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent.
  • Must be a Certified Public Accountant with 4 years experience in financial audit or 2 years in an audit firm
  • Preferably with CIA certification or other Auditor related certification
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge in SAP and Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques (e.g. Audit Command Language etc.) is an advantage
  • Full-Time position(s) available.