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Job Vacancy: Chief Cook

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-  Prepares and provides meals, prepares all tables, serves all meals, washes dishes.  

-  Plans menus daily in advance and prepares in time and submit to Master the requisition for provisions, and stores until purchase of new stores is expected. 

- Responsible for the budgeting of the Catering Dept., purchasing of provisions, preparation and serving of meals.

-  Responsible for the washing of the linen onboard.

-  Ensures general cleanliness and hygiene in the galley, provision rooms, messrooms, etc. (dry provisions and refrigerated spaces).

-  Ensures general hygiene of all appliances.

-  Takes all necessary precautions for the prevention of accidents in the galley, slippery surfaces , burnings and fire in particular. To secure pots and pans from sliding when ship is rolling.

-  To observe strictly rules and regulations for the avoidance of pollution (grabage disposal, etc.).

  • Work Experience: 5 year/s
  • Salary: ₱1,500 - ₱2,000
  • Displaced Workers(Local)

-  Holds an NC3 COC license.

-  Familiar with Scandinavian cuisine.

-  Preferably experience in oil and chemical tanker vessels .

-  Applied in activities that are supervisory in level, in cooperation with the Master.

-  Capable of making good judgement and decision making with regards to  the catering division, as well as in the provisions for all the officers and crew of the ship.

-  Capable of observing general cleanliness and hygiene in the mess rooms, provision rooms, etc.; and avoiding pollution of garbage disposal.