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The position's primary responsibility is to maintain and adequate accounting system and supervise the preparation of financial statement, management reports and other statistical reports neede by Management, governmet regulatory bodies and ther external institutions.

  • Work Experience: 3 year/s
  • Salary: ₱20,000 - ₱25,000
  • Women
  • Balikbayans/OFW Returnees


A. Essential Competencies

  1. Must be a graduate of BAchelor of Science in Commerce, major in Accounting.
  2. Must be a Certified Pubic Accountant.
  3. Must ave at least three to four years experience in Cost anf General Accounting work and budget with adequate knowledge in government regulations.
  4. Must possess excellent analytical and strong leadership skills.
  5. Must be profocient in oral and written comunication.
  6. Must be a computer literate.

B. Desirable Competencies

  1. Flexible and results oriented.
  2. Hardworking ang thorough.


A. Processing of Documents Pertaining to Accounts Receivable System

  1. Prepare invoice for clients based on producton report on a weekly and monthly basis.
  2. Maintain an orderly filling system for invoices, aging of accounts trade receivables and cash customers, statements of accounts, etc.
  3. Maintain a subsidiary ledger for Accounts Receivables.
  4. Prepare journal voucher for any adjustments related to Accounts Receivables.

B. Preparation of Financial Statements

Journal Entries

  1. Prepare the journal entrandoies taking up medicine, cafeteria, office supplies consumption, depreciation and amortization charges, reclassification of deposit on purchase and other A/R accrual and other adjustments.
  2. Handle store supplies consumption based on the data furnished by warehouse as distributed per cost center which includes indicating the cost for each item issued to different departments. Prepares the journal entry to record the transactions.
  3. Utility consumption for each center as per data furnished by Materials HAndling, its cost ad the corresponding journal entry.
  4. RM/ supplies usage for the month as per data furnished by Materials Handling, indicate cost and prepare journal voucher.
  5. Analyze and check the Cash in bank transactions as per data furnished by Pasig Office, prepare the corresponding journal voucher for the confidential payroll and other adjustments as may be necessary.
  6. Receive DM/CM from clients regarding stores withdrawal and the journal voucher.
  7. Check various books of accouts uch as Voucher Register including summary reports, Check Register, Cash Receipt Book and Payroll Summary Register.
  8. Prerpare working TRial Balance
  9. Encode all entries to each respective accouts titles (based on data derived from various books of accounts).
  10. Encode various expenses to each respective cost centers.
  11. Summary of various expenses that affec t the financial statement such as General and Administrative expenses, direct labor and manufacturing overhead.
  12. Prepare supporting schedules of account.
  13. Maintain subsidiary records of trade accounts payable.
  14. Assist all departments in the preparation of annual budget.

Taxes & Licenses

  1. Prepare monthly and quaterly VAT payment.
  2. Prepare monthly EWT and Withholding Tax on Compensation Payment.
  3. Quaterly municipal license and real estate tax due.
  4. Quaterly Income Tax Return.
  5. Other taxes as may due to BIR.

Toll Manufaturing

  1. RI Chem
  2. Maintain checklist of all documents
  3. Ensure the preparation and proper transmittal of the documents.
  4. Batching of the documents on a daily basis
  5. Check PR summary report as per data submitted by Production on a weekly basis.
  6. Prepare invoices on weekly basis based on the PReport submitted by Production.
  7. Cut-off advice for the documents.
  8. Coordinate with PRI Accounting Department for any related problems.

Storage Fee

  1. Check the Ending Inventories as per data submitted by MHD.
  2. Prepare invoices on monthly basis based on the Ending Inventories submitted by MHD. 

Check the following documents/ transaction as to its completeness and accuracy:

  1. Supplier's invoice and its corresponding attachment for coding of accounts and completeness of attachments.
  2. Sign the prepared voucher.
  3. Check the replenished pett cash/revolving fund.
  4. Check the prepared payroll weekly for the daily-pain including payroll of manpower agencies for the company's contractual employees.
  5. Maintain orderly filling system.
  6. Act as a Liaison Officer to various government agencies.
  7. Prepare annual budget.
  8. Perform other related task.

  1. Anuual Operating Budget
  2. Monthly Financial Reports, Schedules/Analysis
  3. Journal Vouchers, Bank Reconcilations
  4. Financial Projection
  5. Payment of Taxes and Licenses.
  6. Payroll of Daily-Paid and Contractual Employees.