Sunland Development Corporation

Job Vacancy: Audit Officer

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  • Perform and control the full audit cycle including risk management and control management over operation effectiveness, financial reliability and compliance with all applicable directeives and regulations
  • Determine internal audit scope and develop annual plans
  • Obtain adn evaluate accounting documentation, previous reports , data, flowcharts and etc.
  • Prepare and present reports that reflect audits results and document process
  • Act as an objective source of independent advice to ensure validity, legality and goal achievement
  • Identify loopholes and recommend risk aversion measures and cost savings
  • Maintains open communication with management
  • Document process and prepare audit findings immediately
  • Conduct follow up audits to monito management's interventions
  • Engage to continous knowledge development regarding sector's rules, regulations, best practices, tools, techniques and performance standards
  • Other duties as directed by Management

  • Work Experience: 2 year/s
  • Salary: ₱20,000 - ₱25,000
  • Women

Audit, Legal Compliance, Documentation Skills, Attention to Detail, Reporting Research Results, Thoroughness, Presentation Skills, Financial Software, Corporate Finance,  Objectivity

We are looking for self starting and creative individuals to be pary of our growing company

Level 5- Able to work very independently, earning a livable wage, financially stable, needs just follow-along support 25% or less (check in’s & random situations). Able to advocate effectively for self, attends work events with your co-workers with little or no support from staff