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Job Vacancy: Purchasing Staff

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Ensure that all goods, supplies, and inventory needed for the organization to operate are ordered and kept in stock, as well as control inventory levels and costs associated with purchasing the items.

  • Work Experience: 1 year/s
  • Salary: ₱10,000 - ₱13,000
  • Women

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->With strong analytical skills and able to submit documents within time frame

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting method

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->Ability to accurately track inventory and create reports  

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->Proficient in MS Office applications

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->Goals/ Results Oriented

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->College Graduate

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->Must have at  least a year of related working experience

Level 5