Pryce Gases, Inc.


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A. Booking and Delivery

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-       <!--[endif]-->Delivers products to customers based on booking schedule.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Conducts booking of new and existing customers or outlets

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-       <!--[endif]-->Monitors stock inventory of customers.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Issues accountable receipts to customers such as delivery receipts incoming receipts, cash/charge invoice and official/provisionary receipts depending on the nature of transactions, and also the issuance of Gatepass and Entry pass.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Maintains good relation to dealers/customers.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Pick-up empty cylinders at all scheme “C” customers.


B. Credit and Collection

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Monitors and maintains subsidiary ledger of all customers accounts receivable in the assigned area of responsibility.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Follow-up and collect un-paid customers accounts and remits the same to the sales center clerk.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Delivers statement of account to customers.


C. Marketing/Sales Reports & Meetings

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-       <!--[endif]-->Prepares and submit Daily Accountability Report on Inventory and Sales (ARIS) to Sales Center Clerk.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-       <!--[endif]-->Attends monthly sales meeting as maybe required.


  F  Safety

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Observe safety rules and regulations inside the Company premises/facilities such as plants, sales centers and vehicles.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Checks fire extinguishers in the vehicle and ensures it must be in good and usable condition.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Ensures that vehicles are always properly maintained, cleaned, safe, and in good running condition.


G Other duties

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Maintains log-book for fuel consumption.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Reports damaged vehicle parts and accessories to Sales center OIC for possible replacement.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Checks and monitor vehicle registration expiry and renewal and reports to the OIC for proper disposition.  


Do other duties as maybe assigned from time to time.

  • Work Experience: 1 year/s
  • Salary: ₱10,260 - ₱11,285
  • Balikbayans/OFW Returnees

? ? Knows how to sell & market

? ? Customer service oriented

• Team player


• Can work with less supervision